Create a Strong Market Advantage by Connecting and Personalizing Customer Experience through IoT.

Expertise in lot Healthcare with solutions to measure 20 different biometric parameters such as pulse, breath rate, oxygen in blood, ECG signals, blood pressure, glucose levels, weight, bone mass, body fat, muscle mass, body water, visceral fat, Basal Metabolic Rate and Body Mass Index.

As Digital health solutions taking the center stage, Healthcare Industry is moving towards a completely new age of patient treatment, health monitoring and management. Innovative Tech solutions enabling healthcare providers to reduce costs, improve patient treatment, and optimize workflow.

Expertise in Smart City solutions to manage urban development, socio-economic development, and technological development of the city, measuring and reporting progress in real time.

Cities are becoming smarter by using loT to measure various parameters in Parking, Traffic & Fleet Control, Street Lighting, Environmental Monitoring and Waste Management etc to improve quality of life for Smart Citizens.

Our expertise in Urban Farming & CEA can help revolutionise the traditional way of farming and improve productivity.

Transformation in Agriculture is happening with the integration of Deep Tech and traditional ways are being redefined. Farms can now occupy on rooftops, walls and even under a viaduct.

We help to build an eco-system, where commercial urban agriculture is economically feasible, reduces the environmental impact of the food system, and improves food security by increasing crop production.

VAgriculture Revolution has started worldwide. CEA is the new approach of growing crops inside a closed area in order to reduce pests, increase sustainability and yield, while controlling certain aspects of the environment including temperature, humidity, light, 002, nutrients and more.

Using technology, variety of crops can be grown like vegetables, fruits & flowers. This type of controlled environment agriculture can include rooms, warehouses, containers and factories.

IoT is driving Manufacturing Industry and it is the use of smart sensors to enhance industrial processes and enable Digital Transformation. lotica deploys a network of sensors to collect critical production data and uses its cloud-based software to turn this data into valuable insights and generate the predictive maintenance dash board reports.

Connected sensors enable industries to pick up on inefficiencies and problems sooner, and save time & money to increase operational efficiency. loT is key to processes such as Predictive Maintenance (PdM), enhanced field service, energy management, quality control, asset tracking and overall supply chain efficiency.

Fleet management is the process of managing a company’s fleet of vehicles such as cars, vans, trucks etc. loT helps to increase operational efficiency, convenience & reduce the overall costs.

lotica provides complete solutions for optimal fleet management in lowering the total cost of ownership through appropriate route management, fuel consumption optimization, increased safety, driver performance management and vehicle maintenance. loT enables Environment-Friendly Operations, Preventive Maintenance, Engine Performance, Improvement of Fuel Efficiency, Gaining Insights and Automation.